SEPTEMBER 2022 Cibolo, Texas — We are pleased to announce leading cardiologist, Dr. Van Adamson is bringing state-of-the-art cardiology care to patients in Cibolo and Schertz, Texas and the surrounding areas. Anticipating his independent medical clinic opening in early 2023, Dr. Adamson will serve patients who need progressive, personalized cardiology treatment and ongoing care.

The drive to help heart patients began when Dr. Adamson was a medical student in Cleveland, Ohio. He was impressed by the ability of cardiologists to relieve symptoms and restore quality of life to their patients through medical procedures as well as lifestyle interventions.

Later during his military deployment, he saw first-hand how the cardiologist with whom he was serving would administer life-saving care in the field. He applied to his cardiology fellowship in 2010, and had an opportunity to train with leaders in the field of preventive and diagnostic cardiology. Dr. Adamson applies those formative experiences to his patient-centered style of practice.

“My focus is understanding and listening to my patients’ concerns. I believe in a genuine partnership between the physician and patient, and that approach is what sets me apart. I focus on lifestyle interventions, motivating patients to actively improve their health and avoid excessive medication use.

I believe that a person’s health is their ship. As their doctor, I am the navigator, but the patient is the captain who always makes the final decision. I am here to provide direction and options to improve cardiovascular health, while keeping in mind the patient’s overall health goals.”

As a resident of Cibolo, Dr. Adamson is dedicated to serve the community with educational events to help support and inform people concerning their optimal health and wellness. To learn more about upcoming events, you are invited to join Dr. Adamson’s list to receive details direct to your inbox.


Dr. Van Adamson started his career in the United States Air Force after graduation from Case Western School of Medicine. He completed a residency in internal medicine while in San Antonio at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Care Center. He returned to San Antonio for a three-year intensive cardiovascular medicine training fellowship at The San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (SAUSHEC).

Dr. Adamson graduated from his Cardiology Fellowship with Level II certification in Echocardiography, Cardiac Catheterization, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac CT. During his military career, he was stationed at 1st Fighter Wing Hospital, Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia.

He was a Staff Invasive Cardiologist at Wright Patterson AFB. He was also Director of Cardiac and Vascular Imaging, along with being the Director of the Cardiovascular Clinic. While there at Wright Patterson he obtained Board Certification in Echo, Cardiac CT, Vascular Interpretation, Nuclear Cardiology, and General Cardiology, which placed him in the top 1% of all cardiologists across the US. He was honorably discharged from the Air Force in June 2019.

Dr. Adamson practiced in New Braunfels, Texas from 2019-2021 and determined that there is a need for expert cardiovascular care in the Cibolo/Schertz area. As a resident of Cibolo who feels connected and committed to his community, Dr. Adamson plans to begin providing Cardiovascular services in early 2023.